This refers to excessive milk production resulting in excessive milk rush that becomes too difficult for the baby to handle, consequently causing the baby to choke on the milk. It is often times associated with coughing, difficulty in feeding, and in some instances an urge by the infant to bite down on the nipple in a bid to clamp down on the excesive flow of milk. Not surprisingly, such infants are either overweight from over feeding or underweight due to difficulty in handling the excessive flow of milk leading to premature discontinuation of each feeding session before emptying of the breast.



1.  Try breast feeding or nursing your baby in an upright position while leaning back or lying on your side.

2.  With your fingers, try putting a scissors like hold on your areola or press your breast with the heel of your hand to restrict the flow of milk from your nipple.

3.  Allow your baby to interrupt feedings, and burp him or her often.

4.  Avoid pumping your breast with a breast pump as it can stimulate more milk production. However, it is ok to manually express a little amount of milk at the beginning of each feed in other to relieve some of the pressure in your breast especially if it feels too heavy.

5.  You may apply some cold water or ice to your nipples in order to decrease milk flow and leaking.



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