How soon after delivery should I breast feed?

Immediately after birth, initiate a skin to skin contact with your newly born baby and put your baby to breast. This has multiple effects which include 1) the stimulation of a suckling reflex by your baby which is subsequently seen as a natural tendency of your baby to suck anything that comes in contact with its lips, 2) the stimulation of a reflex that ensures adequate production of milk by your breast for your baby. This reflex which is initiated by your baby’s lips suckling on your nipples is so important that failure of adequate stimulation of your nipples can gradually result in reduced milk production by your breast while intense stimulation of your nipples by strong suckling of your nipples by your baby is necessary to ensure continuous production of milk by this reflex. 3) The “let down reflex” which refers to the free release of milk by the nipples is also initiated by the effect of the baby’s suck on the nipples, which once developed releases oxytocin that stimulates both the muscle cells of the womb to contract i.e tighten up, thereby reducing bleeding after birth and also importantly, causes the muscles surrounding the milk ducts under the areola to squeeze out milk into your baby’s mouth as your baby suck. Even if your baby doesn’t suck immediately, placing your baby in contact with your skin affords you the opportunity to observe clues from your baby that may suggest it is hungry, while still calm, before it starts to yell, as it is easier for the baby to latch well on the mother’s breast when it is calm than when it is crying, at the same time initiates a mother-baby bond necessary for the normal psychological development of your baby subsequently. Finally, because breast feeding is an art only perfected over time, the earlier you start breast feeding, the earlier you will make adequate milk and the less likely you will quit breast feeding before the recommended time you are expected to wean your baby. For more information, please CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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