I am about 5 months pregnant but I notice am lactating, should I be worried and what I can do about it.

It is not uncommon to see pregnant women occasionally lactate while pregnant. Often times this may be as a result of production of colustrum which may be produced during pregnancy and the first few days of pregnancy. Because the high presence of pregnancy hormones normally prevent lactation in pregnancy until after birth when lactation occurs following an expected normal fall in the pregnancy hormones, rarely lactation in pregnancy may occur as a result of falling levels of pregnancy hormones signifying the beginning of a waning or reduced placental function and the beginning of a failing pregnancy. Therefore it is imperative that if you notice any lactation while pregnant, that you immediately visit your obstetrician and inform him or her of this development, so that he or she can run some investigations and confirm that your baby is ok and that your pregnancy is not facing any undue risk.

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