My boyfriend ejaculated on his hand and inserted his finger into my Vagina. I know there was semen on his finger. Do you think i could get pregnant as my ovulation calendar says this is my peak ovulation date.

Never say never, that is the slogan of a sperm. All you need to get pregnant is a single sperm to get pregnant no matter how remote it seems, however, the chances that you will get pregnant are not so high, because the higher the number of sperms that enters your vagina, the more likely your chance of getting pregnant and the smaller the number of sperms, the lower the chance of taking in. Given that he inserted a finger containing some semen into your vagina, even though there sems to be a rather remote chance of you getting pregnant, the safest option remains that you take an emergency contraception like postinor 2 as soon as possible preferably within 24 to 72 hrs of the intercourse to further reduce the almost seemingly low chance of conception to almost none. Remember as mentioned earlier, it only takes a single active motile sperm to get you pregnant. Subsequently though, try and get a proper form of contraception to prevent similar risks. For more information and counselling on adequate contraception, please CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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