What can I do, whenever I breast feed I feel severe pain in my stomach, I am worried, is there a problem with me?

No there is nothing wrong with you. What you experiencing is purely a natural feeling that will ease out as you continue breast-feeding. The pain is as a result of the hormone “oxytocin” released by your brain in response to your baby suckling on your nipples during breast feeding. This same hormone is also directly responsible for the release of milk from your nipples via a process called the “let down reflex”. Because this hormone causes your womb to contract, in other word tighten up, it elicits a sharp pain during breast feeding. This gradually eases out as time goes on. A quick and simple way to control the pain is by the use of Paracetamol or Acetaminophen tablets. However, if the pain worsens or become unbearable, especiallly if you also feel pain while you are not breast feeding or you notice an associated fresh vaginal bleeding or an associated fever, please urgently present in the hospital for a proper check up to rule out an infection or CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS for more information.

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