Good day Doc, I am not sure if my menses is regular, can you please explain how I can know if my menses is regular or not?

In other to know if your menstrual cycle is regular or not, you first have to keep a menstrual calender for about six months. Each month, you calculate your cycle length by counting the numbers of days from the beginning of one menstrual cycle to the beginning of the other, after which you subtract the shortest cycle length within this period from the longest cycle length. If the difference between these two is 5 days or less, then you do have a regular menstrual cycle and you are most likely ovulating regularly in each menstrual cycle. But if the difference is more than five days, then your menstrual cycle is irregular and some of your menstrual cycles occur without ovulation. For more information on this, please read NORMAL AND ABNORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLES, ABSENT AND IRREGULAR MENSES: CAUSES AND DIFFERENTIALS or find time to CHAT WITH OUR CONSUSLTANTS.

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