How do I know if I am ovulating regularly?

Although various signs and symptoms may suggest regular ovulation in a woman, the first and the most universal sign of regular ovulation is the presence of a regular menstrual cycle. This is because all other signs of ovulation except for regular menstrual cycles are variable in presentation and are not always present in all women ovulating regulalrly. Thus, in other to know if your menses is regular, kindly go through the article NORMAL AND ABNORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLES. Other signs of ovulation  however include, mid cycle pain, changes in cervical mucus secretion, change in basal body temperature, mid cycle spotting among many others. These ovulation signs can be divided into PRIMARY SIGNS OF OVULATION and SECONDARY SIGNS OF OVULATION based on how specific, consistent and reliable they are. Finally, various other methods can be used to predict or confirm ovulation. Example of ovulation prediction methods or tests include the use of home based urine prediction kits, to predict the date of ovulation, while confirmatory tests of ovulation include various medical investigations such as ultrasound scan and hormonal assays which are usually done within the hospital to confirm the occurence of ovulation. For more information  on this please read the articles OVULATION PREDICTION TESTS: INTRODUCTION AND TYPES and CONFIRMATION OF OVULATION  or kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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