I noticed for the last few months some spotting of blood for about few days in between my periods. Is that abnormal and what may be causing it? What can I do about it please?

Spotting of blood from the vagina is a non specific symptom that may occur just after menses, during or after intercourse, in between menstrual periods or just before ovulation where it is referred to as mid-cycle spotting; unlike all other types of spotting from the vagina, mid-cycle spotting normallly does not require treatment since it occurs following normal hormonal changes that herald ovulation. The other causes of spotting of blood in between periods include endometrial polyps, submucous polyps, cervical polyps and fibroid polyps, all of which are pelvic disorders that may require treatment. Many of these diseases often present with other symptoms that may be used to identify them, although specific investigations are often required to complete their diagnosis. Apart from mid cycle spotting of blood that requires no treatment, treatment of other causes of spotting of blood from the vagina is usually by the treatment of the specific cause of the spotting. Therefore, a specific cause of your spotting needs to be identified before any other thing can be done to stop it. For more information on how to sort this out, please CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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