Hi Doc, I was informed by my doctor that I probably have premenstrual syndrome. I am totally confused, can you please explain what that means and how can I treat it?

Virtually all women who ovulate regularly and have regular menstrual flow have some premenstrual symptoms that pre-date  their menstruation. These signs and symptoms occur in every cycle starting immediately after ovulation but disappear almost immediately at the onset of the next menstruation. They include physical and emotional symptoms such as bloating, water retention, mild pelvic discomfort, restlessness and mood changes. Premenstrual syndrome, on the other hand represent the extreme end of the spectrum of premenstrual symptoms in which the symptoms are so severe that they affect almost all facets of life of a woman, including her normal daily activities, her interpersonal relationship and her work, only during the period starting after her ovulation till the beginning of her next menses. For more information on this please read RAGING MENSTRUAL HORMONES: WHAT IS PREMENTRUAL SYNDROME? Its treatment include medical and non medical therapies such as the use of oral contraceptive pills, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, exercise and yoga. For more information, read RAGING MENSTRUAL HORMONE: HOW DO YOU TREAT PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME? or CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANT.

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