What is Kegel exercise, what are its benefits and how do I do it?

Kegel exercise or pelvic floor exercise refers to an exercise done to strengthen the tone of your pelvic floor muscles. It is indicated for use in women, with small urinary leakage and those who notice a downward tug of their pevic organs protruding through their vagina. In pregnancy and after child birth it is advised that women do kegel’s exercise to prevent urinary leakage, laxity of the vaginal wall and protrusion of the genital tract organs through the vagina later in life. Many factors may put undue stress on a woman’s pelvic floor and they include chronic or long standing cough, constipation, obesity, huge abdominal masses such as huge uterine fibroids, repeated pregnancies in quick successions, difficult vaginal deliveries and very big babies at birth among many others. Such conditions must be treated early as Kegel’s exercise is only appropriate for prevention and treatment of mild pelvic floor weakness and not for severe urinary leakage and severe pelvic organ protrusion through the vagina.

In other to perform Kegel’s exercise, it is important to identify the muscle required for the exercise. To do that, tighten your pelvis while urinating, and attempt to hold your urine without tightening your abdomen, or tighten your vagina on a small cone and attempt to hold the cone in place whille standing. Once you have identified these muscles, attempt to tighten the muscles for ten seconds and release it for ten seconds. Thereafter, focus on doing this without holding your breath and without using your abdominal muscles, ten times every one hour for the whole of the day. It is important to note that you can do this while doing many other things and without anyone around you noticing. Once you master the technique, incorporate this exercise into all your daily activities and within some months you will see some improvement in your vaginal tone and a stronger pelvic floor.

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