Will my womb be destroyed as a result of ectopic pregnancy?

Because most ectopic pregnancies occur in the fallopian or uterine tubes, prompt detection and management of most ectopic pregnancies will result in little or no harm to your womb. Not so for your tube as this may be damaged following sudden rupture of the tube by the ectopic pregnancy and or during surgery for the treatment of the ruptured or bleeding ectopic pregnancy. However, ectopic pregnancy when detected early prior to rupture via an ultrasound scan, can be treated medically  allowing for the fallopian tube to be salvaged.

Rarely, delayed presentation, detection and management of some other types of ectopic pregnancies may be associated with sudden, life threatening and massive intra abdominal bleeding that may necessitate complete or partial removal of the womb in other to arrest the bleeding and salvage the patient’s life. Such ectopic pregnacies include, the cornual or angular ectopic pregancy, the cervical ectopic pregnancy, the abdominal ectopic pregnancy and the cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy. Luckily, these types are rare, making up less than 3% of all ectopic pregnancies and as such are not commonly encountered. Despite these, ectopic pregnancy remains a dangerous condition that can result in many other complications other than the ones mentioned above. Hence, prompt presentation is required in the hospital immediately you miss your period and there is a chance that you may be pregnant in other to confirm the viability (chance of the pregnancy being alive) and the location of the pregnancy, as this is the only way possible to prevent delayed diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. For more information, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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