I have being on implanon for 3yrs. I had it removed and I waited three months to conceive. I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. How long does it take to get an ectopic pregnancy out of my system and can I be able to have a normal pregnancy again?

To the first question on how long it takes to get an ectopic pregnancy out of your system, this depends on a host of various factors icluding the modality of treatment. Broadly speaking management can be conservative, medical and or surgical.

Conservative and medical treatments are only offered to patients who are clinically stable with un-ruptured ectopic pregnancy who are able to meet some very strict criteria. Because there remains a significant risk of rupture despite meeting these criteria, such patients are placed on very close monitoring and follow-up, via the serial monitoring of blood levels of the pregnancy hormones such as HCG and progesterone hormones along with serial trans-vaginal ultrasound scans usually on an out-patient basis, till the ectopic pregnancy becomes totally resolved. This is said to have occured once the blood level of the monitored pregnancy hormones becomes undetectable. Often times, this may take many weeks and some months depending on a host of factors such as the size of the ectopic pregnancy, the viability of the fetus and the initial level of the pregnancy hormones prior to  the commencement of treatment, among many other factors.  Hence, there is no specific time frame for all ectopic pregnancies to resolve.

However, for the same blood level of pregnancy hormone prior to treatment, the rate of resolution of an ectopic pregnancy is faster for medical treatment than for conservative treatment. The best option to choose for treatment however, is best decided for you by your gynaecologist based on benefit vs side effect profile of each treatment. Surgical methods of treatment on the other hand, are used for the treatment of ruptured ectopic pregnancy usually as an emergency, or for non-ruptured ectopic that do not meet the criteria for conservative and medical treatment. Quite obviously, the surgical method removes the ectopic pregnancy intra-operatively, putting an end to the ectopic pregnancy once and in virtually amost all cases.

To the second question, yes, it is still possible to have a normal pregnancy after a previous ectopic pregnancy. Despite this, it is adviceable that a period of six months should be allowed after a miscarriage or treatment of an ectopic pregnancy before attempting to get pregnant. For a more comprehensive answer please read the answer to a similar question below. Finally, the previous use of Implanon doesn’t predispose one to having an ectopic pregnancy. For more information, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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