I have or think I have Ectopic Pregnancy, when should I contact my doctor?

It is easy to assume you have an ectopic pregnancy because just like every other normal pregnancy, an unruptured ectopic pregnancy may present without symptoms other than those suggestive of an early pregnancy, e.g. vomiting and loss of appetite. Occcasionally it may also present with symptoms similar to other complications of early pregnancy such as threatened abortion, missed abortion and incomplete abortion e.g. vaginal bleeding. The only way to differentiate any of the above conditions from an ectopic pregnancy is by doing a transvaginal ultrasound scan, in some cases twice or more, along with or without a serial ß HCG assayHowever, the sudden feeling of a severe sharp abdominal pain associated with or without episodes of fainting attacks may suggest a ruptured ectopic pregnancy for which an emergency surgery may be required. For more information on this please read TUBAL ECTOPIC PREGNANCY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE CAUSES, RISK FACTORS, PRESENTATION AND COMPLICATIONSBecause of the dire consequences of an ectopic pregnancy if missed and not treated early, if you think you have an ectopic pregnancy, kindly present promptly to a hospital and seek a gynaecologist’s review or better still, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS. But if you are in dire pain, kindly please present urgently to the acute emergency unit of a standard hospital for an emergency assessment and an urgent treatment.

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