I am 45 and had my right fallopian tube removed due to multiple ectopic pregnancies is it possible to get pregnant?

There is a slight chance that after a history of multiple ectopic pregnancies resulting in the removal of your right fallopian tube, that you may be able to get pregnant spontaneously, granted that those ectopic pregnancies were recurrent only on the right side of your fallopian tube. However, the chances of such a pregnancy being an ectopic pregnancy is significantly higher. But in the event that you have lost both fallopian tubes to multiple or recurrent ectopic pregnancies, a more common scenario than the one you stated above, then the chances of any pregnancy at all is even slimmer and in the event of any, it is almost 100% likely to be an ectopic pregnancy. Realistically speaking, at your present age of 45 and a positive history of multiple ectopic pregnancies, even if you have one tube left, it is very unlikely that you will be able to conceive naturally without assissted reproductive techniques such as IVF and ET probably with donor eggs. This is because the chances of conceiving spontenously reduces sharply as you get older and from your previous history of multiple ectopic pregnancies, there is a high chance you also suffer from a tubal cause of infertility. So my advice is that you urgently employ the service of a fertility specialist or CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS for expert counselling.

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