I don't seem to be able to produce enough milk why and what can I do about it?

Most women who complain of inadequate milk production are essentially normal, while most complaints of inadequate or reduced breast milk production are perceived rather than confirmed. Perhaps the two most common reasons for inadequate breast milk production are 1) poor technique of breastfeeding and 2) psychological factors such as unproven fears, doubts and lack of self belief in one’s ability to produce enough milk. Other causes are infrequent feeding habit, frequent and prolonged separation of the baby from the mother and feeding of the baby with formula feed especially before commencement of breastfeeding immediately after birth.

Most often than not, learning the proper technique of breast feeding along with increasing the frequency of breast feeding is usually enough to correct this problem. The use of a breast pump or the manual expression of milk from the breast can also help to improve milk production as continuous and proper stimulation of the nipples is usually all that is required for increased production of the milk by the breast via a reflex mediated by the brain. Please for further information, read the articles BREAST FEEDING: STEPS TO ACHIEVING A PROPER LATCH and INADEQUATE MILK SUPPLY or CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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