I started bleeding this morning. My obstetrician did an ultrasound scan and said one area looks like an ectopic pregnancy. I will be going back tomorrow to the hospital for another ultrasound scan to get a clearer image. If one is ectopic, could the other embryos be saved? Am 36 yrs old, first pregnancy, fertility drugs, insemination. Possibly between 2-3 babies.

The existence of one or more ectopic pregnancies with one or more normal pregnancies is regarded to as heterotopic pregnancy. Its incidence has increased significantly in recent years due to the increased use of drugs that allow the release of multiple eggs or ova at ovulation increasing the numbers of pregnancies with multiple embryos one of which is heterotopic pregnancy. Hence, it has become mandatory to do an early trans-vaginal scan in all cases of pregnancies achieved by assisted reproductive techniques and in fact all cases of artificial stimulation of the ovary with drugs in other to exclude an ectopic or a heterotopic pregnancy as done in your case. In well managed cases, the chances of salvaging the normal pregnancy in women with heterotopic pregnancies is quite particularly high with success rate as high as 70 to 90% in some series. Rather the most important consideration is the avoidance of an unexpected rupture of the ectopic pregnancy resulting in a significant risk of death as well as a significant risk of complications to the mother. So yes, the normal embryo can be salvaged but care must be taken not to under estimate the risk of the ectopic pregnancy. For more information on this please read HETEROTOPIC PREGNANCY: INVESTIGATION, DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT or kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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