I had an ectopic pregnancy in the end of April and was treated with two doses of methotrexate. I have had 3 cycles since then. My cycles are shorter than the normal female, every 19 days. They have been this way for about 6 years. Is it too early to try and get pregnant again?

As advised by the World Health Organization, after any pregnancy mishap, a patient should wait for at-least 6 months before trying to conceive. This is believed to allow ample time for the body to recover from the last pregnancy loss, heal properly and allow for the body to replace all lost nutrients invested into the last pregnancy. This has been associated with a better outcome in the subsequent pregnancy.  In reality, most gynecologists proscribe a three cycle wait for their patients because of the pressure faced by such patients to take in almost immediately after a pregnancy mishap. By pregnancy mishap, we mean miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies as well as any pregnancy ending with the loss of the fetus either in the womb or at birth. Depending on the site and size of the ectopic pregnancy, resolution of an ectopic pregnancy may take a while. This is usually measured by serially quantifying the pregnancy hormone, ß HCG, in the blood. As this may take weeks or even months depending on the initial blood ß HCG level prior to treatment, my advice is that you should wait for atleast three cycles after the HCG has become undetectable, irrespective of the number of cycles you have seen prior to this point. This ensures that the effect of the methotrexate on your ovaries has been reversed since the drug has a similar effect on all rapidly dividing cells including your ovaries. The difference however is that while the ectopic pregnancy cannot regenerate, your ovaries can. Therefore, in other to ensure that the subsequent conception is normal, it is imperative that you wait for atleast 3 cycles after the blood HCG level is undetectable, so as to allow the reversal of the effect of the methotrexate on your ovaries. This is important in preventing the formation an abnormal fetus or a miscarriage secondary to the effect of the drug on your ovaries. For more information, please kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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