I had an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy that apparently endangered my life about four months ago. I think I'm pregnant now but I'm really scared to go to the doctor... I know I need to soon but what is the likelihood that everything is ok with the baby? I'm not having any of the same symptoms I had with the ectopic but the whole situation has me permanently concerned for all future offspring I may have.

First of all, you need to brazen up and go and do a pregnancy test as soon as you miss your menses, regardless of whether you feel any symptoms or not. After confirming the pregnancy, you need to present to your gynecologist to confirm the localization of the pregnancy as soon as possible via a transvaginal scan. While for a fact, there is a pretty high chance that everything is ok and that the pregnancy is a normal pregnancy (about 4 to 5 more likely than an ectopic pregnancy), you need to remember that you do have a significant chance of having another ectopic pregnancy which is put at about 10% compared to the general population who have about 2% chance of an ectopic pregnancy. This is important to prevent a recurrence of an unexpected ruptured ectopic pregnancy which as you said was a life threatening experience that am sure you definitely don’t want to reoccur.  In the event of a recurrence, presenting early to your gynecologist for a transvaginal ultasound scan can allow for a medical or conservative approach to the management of the ectopic pregnancy which apart from preventing or averting a disastrous scenario sequel to an unexpected rupture, it can also allow for a possible conservation of your fallopian tube. For more detailed information or consultation, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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