My nipples are sore, from breast feeding, what can I do to stop this and how do I prevent this?

The most important cause of sore nipples is an improper breast feeding technique resulting in poor latching of the baby. This result in the baby’s mouth continually chaffing and rubbing on the nipples, eventually causing injury to the nipples.The most important method thus in preventing this is by learning adequately the proper or right technique of breast feeding. Other methods that can help prevent sore nipples include, air-drying your nipples after feeding to keep them dry, avoidance of the use of irritating soaps or cleansers that can damage the skin over your nipples and seeking of appropriate treatment for babys who have abnormalities in their mouth, that may prevent proper latching and thus traumatize the nipple. An example of such abnormality include the cleft lip.

Perhaps, the most important treatment of sore nipples is the learning the proper or right technique of breast feeding which is important to stop the cycle of injury to the affected nipples cause by the various poor methods of breast feeding. As said earlier, the commonest cause of sore nipples is poor latching due to wrong techniques of breast feeding. While mastering this, ensure continuous nursing or breast feeding of the baby with both breasts starting with the one that does not have any injury. If breast feeding is not possible with the affected nipple due to pain, empty the breast each time you feed with a breast pump to prevent BREAST ENGORGEMENT, which is another common complication of improper technique of breast feeding. Squeeze a little breast milk out and allow it to dry on your nipples or apply a nipple cream containing lanolin to soothe and promote the healing of your nipples. Cover your nipples with a non stick pad to prevent your nipples from sticking to your cloth, a factor that may elicit pain and cause more injury while trying to remove the nipples from the cloth. If the above measures fail to produce relief, a warm compress may help to soothe the pain along with some analgesic tablets. Finally you may need to see your doctor to exclude infections of the nipple. For more information, please CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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