Won't breast feeding disfigure my breast and make it droop?

Pregnancy more than breastfeeding, is responsible for the drooping of the breast due to the marked increase in breast size associated with pregnancy. However during breastfeeding, it is important to wear special bra specifically designed to prevent further damage to the connective tissues (supporting tissues) of the breast. Example of such is a nursing bra. While the breast may loose its contour and shape immediately after birth, it is expected that by the 15th to the 24th month after delivery your breast should have returned close if not fully to its normal shape, with the help of a good fitting bra and the right exercises. Too frequent pregnancies over a short period of time with little or no child spacing along with poor breast tissue support while breast feeding are responsible for the permanent damage done to the breast shape and fullness noticed after delivery. For more information, please CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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    Hi. Thanks for the answer. its an eye opener

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